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I don’t know anything about this type of plumbing, and neither does he. Does anyone who has done this think we should attempt it ourselves, or should we hire a plumber. I have done other plumbing work such as faucets, sink drains, etc, but never anything like this. I guess the first step before calling a plumber would be to dig out the gravel and see what you have. If the trap and vent connection are there – and where you want them – then it should be a fairly simple plumbing job. Put the tub in place, hook up the drain, tie into the vent, and wash up. Lots if pictures can be found on the web related to the proper connections. The other question is whether or not you guys can frame the room for the tub. You didn’t say anything about that, so I’m assuming that’s not a issue. I borrowed a jack hammer, broke up the slab until I had exposed the drain, the trap, the connection to the main sewer pipe which was right next to the shower , etc.

How can I hook up my bathtub drain pipe to my toilet cistern

Purchase a hand snake at your local hardware or home improvement store. Stop when you get resistance. You have reached the clog. Your clog should be carried up with the end of the snake. Method Baking Soda Solution 1 Attempt to clear the clog with homemade, natural drain cleaner before trying harsher chemical drain cleaners.

Feb 08,  · Eddie and his side-kick Tom hook up the water supply lines to the shower valves using PEX water lines, SharkBite fittings and the right tools for the job.

I recently switched ours out for silicone bottles, and I really love these. You can use an adhesive remover to remove the existing labels. Then add your own vinyl labels or stickers to mark which bottle is which, or you can simply write on them with a permanent marker. Alternatively, you can use silicone bottles like these. I recently switched ours out, and I love them.

Then heat seal the ends of the webbing with a lighter to keep them from fraying. You will want to stitch back and forth over this several times to make sure it is secure. Continue with this process until you have the desired number of d-rings attached. Then you sew hook and loop Velcro to the ends of your webbing. I sewed one piece to the inside of the webbing and one to the outside. You could totally skip the Velcro and simply sew the ends together, but I really have found the hook and loop closure to be handy.

You can clip on your toiletry bottles and body loofah, and you are set!

Install Bathtub/Shower in Basement

Add Tip Ask Question Step 1: What You Will Need 1 – A small hook to attach to the wall above the tub. This can be a little plastic ‘sticky’ hook if you have smooth tile walls, or a suction cup hook if you have smooth walls but don’t want to use any adhesive on them, or a large cup hook if you have rustic sauna style walls. Making or buying a new woven curtain is probably easier than trying to sterilize an old slimy one.

Having two curtains makes laundry timing easier. Frequently asked shower curtain questions Shower curtains can be washed??

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If you can think of more, please feel free to enlighten us. In my experience, bathtub drains usually don’t clog completely. They gradually slow down, day after day, until it gets to a trickle. You know you really have to do something when you’re taking shower but your feet and ankles seem to be taking a bath. Coat hanger Grab a wire coat hanger and a pair of pliers. Cut off the hook and the twisted part, then straighten the wire leave one bend in it for a “handle”.

Make a small hook at one end and you’ve got yourself a free hair-clog grabber. Slip it into the drain hole which usually has some kind of strainer basket necessitating a small hook on the wire; or remove the strainer if you can , and see what you can pull out. If you have a pop-up-type stopper, you might be able to pull out the stopper for better access to the drain.

Do this before breakfast and before taking a shower; when you see what comes out of the drain, you’ll know why. ZipIt This is a “better mousetrap” version of the coat hanger.

How to Hook Up a Tub & Shower Drain

A collection of thoughts, interests, reviews and how-tos. Tuesday, August 16, My guide to bathing outside on a dime I don’t know where I first saw one, but ever since the idea sprouted in my mind I have dreamt of having an outdoor claw-foot bathtub. I am to outdoor bathtub as James Taylor is to “Carolina”. As a young artist in a terrible economy, however, I am not exactly “rolling in the Benjamins” as they say, so I resorted to my second best resource:

Aug 10,  · 1/2 inch cpvc, pex, or copper pipe can do toilet, sink, tub (3 fixtures) from the cut offs all the way to tub or shower valve and washing machines with 1/2 inch pipe, but the trunk water line should be 3/4 inch. You can tee off for kitchen sink and washing machine with 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch/1/2 inch tee. 1/2 supplies up to 3 fixtures on hot or cold%(10).

Bathroom Fixtures Bathrooms Bathtubs Tips and Hacks Construction and Costs Tubs are made from many different materials, and most are available in all styles. Prices are all over the map, depending on the features you choose. In general, these are the least expensive options, readily available at home improvement centers.

Wide selection of colors. Enamel finish offers many cool colors. Heavy cast-iron is a great heat sink, keeping bath water warm for long periods. Usually in the mid-price range, but you’ll need a couple of stout deliverymen. The ultimate in fine bathroom couture. You’ll invite people over just to look at your tub.

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But adding a regular shower to an existing tub enclosure is a major undertaking. One easy solution is to install a special tub diverter spout that allows you to hook up a handheld shower to a bathtub faucet with only a minor plumbing change. Once the spout is in place, you can choose from a wide variety of handheld showers, put up a shower curtain and enjoy the relaxing spray.

Want to install a new shower faucet? This video will walk you through the entire process and give you the step-by-step instructions you need for a successful installation. Bath How To Install A New Shower Faucet. Want to install a new shower faucet? This video will walk you through the entire process and give you the step-by-step.

The next step was to fill up the bathtub just below the overflow cover plate. Since my tenant takes baths and said the leak is slow I decided to see what would happen once the tub was full of water. Remarkably no leak occurred when the tub was filled. How to Get to the Drain Leak I removed the strainer screen and looked at the drain flange. You can also use a pair of channel locks to remove the drain flange by inserting the handles down into the strainer basket.

Once the strainer wrench is down in the drain you can use either a screwdriver inserted through the wrench holes or channel locks to loosen the drain flange. Simply turn the drain wrench counterclockwise. What if your strainer arms are broken? We got a lot of questions about this problem down in the comments. So these tools are the solution. You can get this product at any hardware store or on Amazon. Sorry for the bright picture below. The actual leak was occurring in between the gasket that sits on top of the bathtub shoe tube and the bathtub drain hole.

The gasket can be seen in the picture below as a black ring.

DIY: How To Hook Up The Hot & Cold Water Lines To My BathtubSteam Shower Inc

One way to update your showering area is by installing a new bathtub faucet. To install the new faucet, you must connect a new shower valve to the water pipes in your shower walls. This project requires advanced skills like soldering and pipe fitting, which may be more than the average homeowner wishes to undertake. If you have little experience in this area, leave the faucet installation to a professional.

Does this Spark an idea? Hot Water Connections Inside your shower wall, two water pipes carry hot and cold water to the tub.

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Set the hook aside. If your tub has a stopper, there are different methods to remove it, depending on type. Removing a drop stopper that you twist half a turn to pop down and close, a screwdriver is required. Usually but not always, a Phillips head will do the job. To take out the stopper, raise it as high as you can. Loosen this screw a bit and the top slides off. The shaft is removable by loosening the screw on the shaft so that the shaft slides up and out.

You may need to futz a bit with this screw to get a proper seal when you reinstall the shaft, so be prepared to test the seal and make adjustments. STEP 3 Look inside the drain to see the hair clump. Don your rubber gloves and get a trash bag ready. Insert the hook you made to remove and discard the hair. Carefully cut any remaining hair wrapped around the crosshairs or bars with your utility knife and remove these last bits with your gloved fingers. STEP 4 Remove all your tools and stopper parts from the bathtub and then run the water to see how free-flowing the drain is.

Is it draining quickly?

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Skipping an easy 25 minute step caused the result in the picture to the right. We take our time and do things correctly. Bathtub After Refinishing Refinishing brings this bathroom back to life saving the owner thousands of dollars.

Faucet-to-Shower Converter Great for easily washing your hair, or even washing your pet in the tub. A convenient way to bathe for the elderly or disabled. 48″ flexible rubber hose attaches instantly to most sink and some bathtub faucets/5().

But will this bathing solution truly deliver all the safety, convenience, and comfort you desire? Common Misconceptions about Walk-in Bathtubs The following paragraphs highlight common misconceptions about walk-in bathtubs: To put this more bluntly — once you have stepped into the bathtub naked and pulled the door closed behind you, you could find yourself waiting up to 10 minutes or more for the water to rise slowly from your toes upwards. Then at the tail end of the bath you can again be waiting as much as 10 minutes or more while sitting naked, cold and wet waiting for the tub to empty.

The filling and the draining times for walk-in tubs vary based on the size of the tub, as well as on the plumbing in your home. And, if you are of an average or above average height, there is a good chance that only the lower half of your body will be fully submerged. So if you are envisioning warm water soothing your aching back, neck and shoulders, you are likely to be left feeling sorely disappointed.

A satisfactory bathing experience?

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