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Kudos to those who consistently are at or above. I don’t know how you do it. Week 9 Here are the predictions for NFL Week 9, with winner against spread, not always outright listed first: Eagles at home against Broncos is a mismatch on paper, and I’ll buy that the Eagles win. But Denver’s D is good enough to secure me a victory by the hook. Though Rams are on fire at , they are a West Coast team playing on the East Coast against a team that is better than Giants deliver me another victory by the hook. New Orleans -7 over Tampa Bay Skinny: I have no idea what to make of the Jaguars from minute to minute within a game, let alone week to week.

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The music scene is focused on jazz, but opens itself up to other types for the occasional music festival. And oh yeah, there are those things called strip clubs too… 2. The best time to enjoy it is probably in the spring. Girls will do almost anything for a nice, higher-end set of beads.

New Orleans unique marina resort just 12 minutes from the French Quarter with beautifully furnished Seabrook and Floating Villas, Pavilion Restaurant and Lighthouse Bar with live music, full RV hook-ups, pool, hot tub and shuttle.

Very modern while being very classic. Larry, United States of America Hotel bar, restaurant were awesome. Room was huge which was great. The staff, the retro chic style, the location, the rooftop,the restaurant and coffee shop. Candace, United States of America the atmosphere was great , staff was helpful and friendly really enjoyed our stay will stay again. Lucio, United States of America Very comfortable and unique hotel.

Ace Hotel New Orleans, LA

See all updates For its regulars This N That was its own particular place; one in which to dance, hook up and be as outrageously camp as possible. But the experience of going out to a gay bar is an almost universal one for homosexual men and lesbians in the rich world. They are places that contain memories of first kisses or heart break; they are where people, often persecuted or misunderstood by others, made friends and felt accepted at last.

This shutter hook casts a lovely shadow in the afternoon sun. The vibrant New Orleans building has faded with time and paint is peeling, yet there is beauty in the simplicity of the reflecting shadow.

Dear [fill in the blank]: This time I brought my entourage with me. Although, I could have sworn they were supposed to be attending ME and not the other way around. I love oysters and I make it a point to have a dozen with some Abita Beer. So much to indulge in and so little time, especially since those hoteliers booked me out like crazy with meetings.

While most people come to New Orleans to indulge in the nightlife, I prefer using that time to discover tasty nibbles. The only hindrance are the 3 guys above. I can out eat all 3 of them. They are horrified by my ability to out eat them every single time we go out. Brian [guy in the middle] gave up on dessert at La Divina Gelateria. I urged them to go outside their comfort zone but chose to have some boring run of the mill flavors instead [YAWN]. My favorite was the blueberry basil.

On our way back to the hotel, I found a potential band. Granted they were street performers [not always the most reliable, historically speaking] but they were awesome.

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Is This Your Business? This a very cruisy gym in the French Quarter on N. Lots of hot guys, some old trolls hang around early in the day. The showers are separated, but you can easily look under and see if the person in the next is. There’s a glass ceiling in the shower room, so you can look up to see the reflection of the person in the next.

Most of the action happens in the sauna and steamroom.

Get step-by-step walking and public transport directions for Hook-Up.

If you want to enjoy a drink with some friends over a bit of history, you cannot go wrong in one of these 10 historic bars. Raise your glass where presidents, revolutionaries and even pirates have done before, as these classic watering holes are the ideal place to link up. Join us to explore 10 of the most historic, oldest bars in the USA. Brought to you by Jameson Black Barrel.

Today, this nearly year-old bar caters to fine diners and discerning drinkers who visit to honor its history, tradition and culinary expertise. The story of Lafitte may be held together with a few admitted embellishments, but that story continues to be told today in his favorite watering hole and the oldest bar in the American South. Opening a bar, of course. The Bell in Hand Tavern was founded in by Jimmy Wilson, an 18th century town crier who quite literally heralded in the birth of a nation.

Listen carefully, and you can almost hear the echoes of the voices that came before in this year-old bar.

New Orleans

What in most cities might seem plausible only as some sort of Sacha Baron Cohen-style provocation is just another weeknight in the cultural Galapagos that is New Orleans. The men stand back. Otherwise the crowd was sparse, largely straight and listless.

New Orleans largest gay bar for Southern Decadence, Mardi Gras, Halloween and New Years Eve nightclub. The original New Orleans French Quarter gay GLBT bar since

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The Penthouse Club

Yes, it is just a water cover at the end of the day, but this beautiful lid is unlike any other water cover. Adorned with the crescent moon and a burst of stars, it has become a historical and cultural symbol of New Orleans. Edwin Ford filed a patent application for the Ford Meter Box in , a method of preventing customers from wasting water in Hartford City, Indiana. The meter box is essentially a pit containing the water meter, outside the house, and is covered with a metal lid. Ford gradually began supplying meters for other cities, including New Orleans, and after visiting the Crescent City, came up with the famous crescent moon and stars design for the lid covering the meter in Traditionally found covering water box meters in the ground throughout New Orleans, the Crescent Meter Cover gradually became rarer as they were coveted and then stolen by many people.

Jul 27,  · Things to Do in New Orleans New Orleans Travel Forum New Orleans Photos New Orleans Map Steeler Bars in New Orleans Watch this Topic. Browse forums; All. Browse by destination. United States Forums; maybe we can all hook up? Send us a message. (Heading to training camp in latrobe this weekend too! LOL).

They say a land is only as great as the men who live there, and this certainly applies to the men of New Orleans. Log on to Squirt. Cruising The Streets of New Orleans When most people hear the city’s name, they immediately think of Mardi Gras, which is a travesty because there is so much more going on in the streets of New Orleans. To be fair, Mardi Gras is a great time be cruising in New Orleans because thousands of gay and bi black men, Latino gay men, gay Asian men and others flock to the city.

No matter what time of year you visit, Oz is a place you’re guaranteed to find horny guys looking for a casual hookups. It’s a dance club that attracts all types of New Orleans men. If your tastes are more specific, such a preference for chest hair or leather, you can narrow your search to RawHide, the best leather bar for cruising in New Orleans.

Into the Depths of Gay Men in New Orleans New Orleans is often referred to as a romantic town, and it indeed has many nice restaurants, taverns and performance halls that are great for a date. However, there is a place where New Orleans gay and bi guys come together for casual encounters, and that place is Squirt. Don’t let the wealth of opportunities available to you in this unique town slip away.

Gentleman’s Clubs

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Bar Hopping in New Orleans