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Talking politics on a first date can be treacherous. It just got a whole lot easier thanks to two online dating sites. Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders,” vows to “inspire chemistry” among those who share similar visions for the future. It appears supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aren’t looking to internet websites bearing her name for love. The closest match is “Singles Moms for Hillary” on Facebook. It has one ‘like. It is a nuance of how we have intertwined social, culture and politics altogether, he said. The idea behind TrumpSingles came about after co-founder David Goss heard that a fellow Trump supporter was left stranded with the dinner check when she mentioned to her date, a Hillary Clinton supporter, she was going to vote for Trump. Goss is an associate producer for the reality TV show Face Off, a special effects makeup competition.

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Mon, 05 Feb Dating is a new, full-service online dating site aimed specifically at draining the dating swamp by providing out-and-proud Trump supporters with a place to connect with like-minded people. It officially its virtual doors this week to all America-first individuals looking for love.

wks b4 ms trump yelled,& pounded the air about dangerous caravan where’s trumps thousands of drug addicted,disease infested,murdering criminals,from south of border,&terrorists from middle east trump gave orders that these monstrous ppl could be shot. cricketsAccount Status: Verified.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter on Wednesday released a trove of 10 million tweets it says represents the full scope of foreign influence operations on the platform dating back nearly a decade — including Russia’s consistent efforts to disparage Hillary Clinton and an initially erratic approach to Donald Trump that eventually settled on a concerted pro-Trump message during the campaign.

The huge data cache consists of tweets from some 3, accounts tied to the Kremlin troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency and others linked to Iran. It also includes some 2 million GIFs, videos and other pieces of visual content. Twitter said it’s making the information available to “enable independent academic research and investigation,” according to a company blog post.

Story Continued Below The Russian tweets around the presidential election showed distinct patterns when it came to Clinton and Trump, according to researchers at the nonpartisan Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, which has been scouring the data since late last week. While the Clinton animus was clear from the start, it took the IRA awhile to settle on its Trump strategy, as the Republican primary played out. You can unsubscribe at any time. He described “peaks and troughs — a lot of pro-Trump content and a lot of anti-Trump content” in and , adding that Trump’s GOP rival Sen.

Jeb Bush was the target of negative content.

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January 21, And as we would soon learn, that crisis would not go to waste. For constitutional conservatives, the Republican contest functioned less like a primary and more like an abandonment.

Donald and Melania Trump: the New Mail Order Bride Boom Today’s worldwide online dating sites industry changed the method a lot of us find lovers. For novices, there have been approximately marriage that is international agencies in , which coordinated between 4, and 6, marriages. This season, there have been such agencies, and [ ].

Context[ edit ] The inauguration marked the formal culmination of the presidential transition of Donald Trump that began when he won the U. The election was scheduled for November 8, , but the congressional committee began construction of the inaugural platform on September Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies chose the inaugural theme “Uniquely American” to highlight the inaugural ceremony as “a uniquely American expression of our Constitutional system” and stress the peaceful transition of power.

The chairman of the committee was Thomas J. The co-chairs of the committee were Lewis M. Eisenberg and Roy Bailey. Prosecutors have questioned several Russian oligarchs, upon their arrival at a U. Samuel Patten , an associate of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort , pleaded guilty in federal court to failure to register as a foreign agent in connection with the illegal funneling of foreign funds to the presidential inauguration committee.

Patten also admitted to giving misleading testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the matter. Flynn , and Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer , according to reporters in attendance at the event. Welcome Celebration,” a concert for his supporters that were attending his inauguration the following day.

Trump supporters, meet Donald Daters, the new app hoping to ‘Make America Date Again’

XMatch Though your parents might have brushed up against each other in English lecture hall junior year of college, or were assigned the same entry-level job post-graduation, these days, finding love is a little different. Love it or hate it, technology has fundamentally changed many aspects of modern life, and the way we date and find love is no different. As decades have passed since the inception of online dating in the early s, not only have companies transformed their metrics and algorithms, but the perception of online dating has shifted, too.

New research from the Pew Institute indicates the vast majority of the population are in favor of swiping-left-and-right to stumble across the love of their life, so this once-taboo practice is now, well, commonplace.

‘ is a convenient, easy-to-use online dating site designed for all ages and individuals at all stages of their lives. With tens of thousands of users active on the platform already, the Make Dating Great Again love-pairing site is helping like-minded Trump supporters find .

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Email Bio Follow April 11 President Trump signed a bill Wednesday that gives federal and state prosecutors greater power to pursue websites that host sex-trafficking ads and enables victims and state attorneys general to file lawsuits against those sites. The signing comes just days after seven executives for Backpage. Some of those girls were killed. A number of websites, including Craigslist, began shutting down sections that might be construed as sex-related after the bill passed the Senate last month, and Wagner said online sex-related advertising revenue had declined 87 percent in the past 60 days, roughly when her bill passed the House.

Advocates for sex workers also criticized the bill as depriving them of a safe place to screen customers, as well as removing a tool for law enforcement to track pimps, locate missing children and build criminal cases.

Twitter on Wednesday released a trove of 10 million tweets it says represents the full scope of foreign influence operations on the platform dating back nearly a decade — including Russia’s.

It was the election-of-all elections, and Hillary Clinton was expected to win and become the first female president of the United States. I was glued to the television while watching the election results. In my hand, as I sat solo in my family room, was my iPhone. In a digital election world, like others, I was busy texting election results with my friends. As the night went on, many of us were stunned as the electoral college results came in. With Florida and Ohio in the Trump camp, shock waves hit across the country and throughout the world.

None of us were prepared for the outcome. Some were thrilled with the news of Donald Trump becoming the next president, while others literally cried and started to worry about our country. Other data shows existing relationships became strained with the election results.

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By Rachel Thompson When a presidential election costs you the person you love the most But, one man thinks he has a solution for the latter. Well, for Trump supporters, at least. David Goss in February founded TrumpSingles. An end to acrimonious dates? He looked at her in the face, stared at her for a good few minutes and then got up and stormed out without paying,” says Goss, who’s also a Trump supporter.

Jan 06,  · How to trump being dumped To trump: outshine, outclass, upstage, eclipse, surpass, outdo, outperform; beat, better, top, cap; be a cut above, be head and shoulders above, leave standing. Yesterday, a new friend told me he’d been dumped by his last sweetheart, and was still stinging from it many months later.

Love in the time of Trump: He was a Donald Trump supporter, she was not. It’s a scene played out again and again in the dating world: In an increasingly partisan and polarized country, similarity in political viewpoints has become a major criterion when choosing—or weeding out—prospective love interests. But now, new dating websites are cropping up to take the guesswork out of pinning down political leanings. Adored by millions of Americans, Trump is reviled by at least as many, some of whom are still mourning his election last month as America’s next president and the defeat of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

A similar site was set up for supporters of Bernie Sanders, the tousle-haired Vermont senator whose fiery rhetoric and embrace of environmental causes earned him a fervent and loyal following among liberals and voters under the age of Unlike conventional dating sites such as Match. Some 15 percent of Americans use online dating sites , mostly singles under the age of 24, according to the Pew Research Center. Many have no interest in hooking up with those who support Trump, whose retrograde views on immigrants and women are widely rejected.

But some subscribers to the TrumpSingles website can be loud and proud in their support for the billionaire businessman. Others may be “in the closet” over expressing support for Trump, perhaps after years of voting for Democrats or because they live in Democratic cities such as Philadelphia. A cursory look at the site shows the majority of those registered are white—similar to the broad swathe of the American electorate that carried the Republican to power.

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