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Share this article Share We know they met when he was 15 and she was his teacher. We know their love has lasted despite their year age gap and he is openly devoted to her and fiercely protective. When he was economy minister, she sat in on all his meetings. She told him to lower the pitch of his voice in order to sound more mature, chose his suits and helped to write his speeches. It seems her brief covers education. Well, she is a former teacher. I have no problem with the age difference. Being the partner of a President is no easy job. Yet the ones who succeed are — as in all partnerships — those who are true to themselves.

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Things we once bought cheaply or which were even given away free are now becoming highly desirable to serious collectors.

How to Date Babycham Glasses All things vintage have been making a comeback for a while, sometimes you can get an absolute bargain (I had a s Pyrex dish on a stand that I bought for £2, I ended up selling it months later on eBay for £82!) or sometimes you can .

Nosing brings out spicy notes, as well as citrus and other fruity aromas. There is pepper, apricot, and green apple peels. There is really not much else of note. It is very straightforward in it’s approach. Similarly, the first sip is no nonsense, as well. Right off the bat one tastes black pepper, with the sharpness of green apple following closely behind. Underneath is a sweetness of fruit. As the Rye warmth rises in your chest, a mild vanilla quality comes with it and, finally, the baking spices which are the hallmark of the grain.

The addition of a little water really ramps up the sweet fruit flavours, leaving the pepper spice notes as a mere tickle on the tongue. Other than this change, there really is no other effect to be gained by it’s presence. So, what to make of this?

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This cake forms another adventure in my quest for the perfect apple cake. This featured in his weekend in Berlin and as soon as I saw him make it I decided I had to make it too. I easily found the recipe on the BBC website but Nick then came home from a shopping trip with the book from the series, bless him. I suspect he was making up for being unable to do any Christmas shopping.

Watching Mr Stein make the cake on the programme I thought he was actually a bit slap dash, not scraping out the bowl completely and not measuring stuff accurately.

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We had a discussion that none of us had ever tried Babycham, nor knew what the drink actually was. I was shopping today, and decided to pick some up. Babycham is described as a ‘sparkling perry’ and says it ‘contains sugars and sweetner’ and ‘contains sulphates’. Considering these ingredients are advertised quite largely on the front of the box I was a little confused!

I had a bottle and was surprised at how little it tastes of alcohol. It reminded me of a fizzy apple drink that will remain nameless! I decided to find out a little more about it. According to the Babycham website, it was in the s that the Showering brothers ran a cider brewery and mineral water business. One of the brothers Francis began experimenting with ways to improve cider, but eventually settled on using perry from perry pairs.

He developed a clear sparkling pear juice. In the s the drink was sold as Champagne de la poire. The ‘perry’ drink was entered into a lot of competitions and won first prize each time.

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Share this article Share I didn’t consider myself a heavy drinker. At 42, my clubbing days were long since behind me, and with three children – Henry, 19, Matt, 16, and Lily, 11 – to look after, I rarely even went to the pub. But like most middle-class career women, the units were undoubtedly adding up.

The Babycham deer on the Babycham glass has changed style through the years, and offers an easy way to date your Babycham glasses and get an idea of value.

Cider mill and Cider press Apples grown for consumption are suitable for cider making, though some regional cider-makers prefer to use a mix of eating and cider apples as in Kent , England , or exclusively cider apples as in the West Country , England. There are many hundreds of varieties of cultivars developed specifically for cider making. Few traditional horse-drawn circular cider presses are still in use, but many may still be seen used as garden ornaments, flower planters, or architectural features Once the apples are gathered from trees in orchards they are scratted ground down into what is called pomace or pommage.

Historically this was done using pressing stones with circular troughs, or by a cider mill. Cider mills were traditionally driven by the hand, water-mill, or horse-power. In modern times, they are likely to be powered by electricity. The pulp is then transferred to the cider press and built up in layers known as cheeses into a block.

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The Showering brothers Arthur, Herbert, Ralph and Francis ran a small brewery, mineral water and cider making business from Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Always on the lookout for new drinks Francis Showering started his research into the fermentation of fruit juices, first with the idea of improving cider, but then realising that perry — made from perry pears — worked much better.

He came up with a clear sparkling drink made from pear juice and launched the product himself using the Bristol area as his test market. This was possibly the single most significant innovation in the drinks industry ever.

The deer on the Babycham glass has changed style through the years, and offers an easy way to date your babycham glasses and get an idea of value. All this information on dating is to the best of my knowledge, so if you know better please do correct me as I’d genuinely be delighted to know!

Buy from another retailer: One Everyone has a weakness. Some people have a weakness for champagne cocktails. Or older men with French accents. My weakness is old French champagne glasses. Or English pub glasses with real Victorian air bubbles, or those s Babycham glasses with the cute little faun. Old sunglasses too, come to think of it.

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Tue Aug 3 Anyone have some for sale? Mon Mar 29 I have a hand painted poster from Utica Brewery. The poster is of a rocking chair and a fishing pole. On the top of the chair it says Property of Utica club brewery.

Babycham was launched nationally in the UK way back in , and was possibly the single most significant innovation in the drinks industry at its time and is still going strong. After 60 years Babycham continues to sparkle.

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There is a punch of the day and a takeaway cocktail; even the house pours are interesting. The staff are friendly and obliging and it has a great neighbourhood feel. Often someone is sitting by one of the two fires struggling to read — bring a torch if you are of a certain age or you might have trouble deciphering the drinks menu ; lastwordsaloon.

Six original Babycham glasses in a good used condition withlight signs of wear / use. Most have the drill mark in the base of the bowl, this was apparently done to help the Babycham bubble.

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